How Much Does it Cost to Restore Damaged Photos?

Advanced photo restoration is necessary for images that have been taken from multiple sources or that have been significantly damaged in appearance. To get an idea of the average prices, I looked at several websites, such as Photo Restoration Center, Brian's Gallery, Damaged Photo Restoration and Image Restore UK. The cost of the restoration depends on the amount of time and effort spent to restore the image to the best of its ability and the extent of the damage. If your photos are not in too bad of shape and you want to find a reasonable price for image restoration, standard restoration is the way to go.

Since photo restoration is not done on a regular basis, you may not be aware of the appropriate fees for photo restoration. But what if these options don't work for you? What should you expect in terms of image restoration prices? How much does photo restoration cost in this case? The amount of evaluation that must be done to realistically restore the photo will affect the cost of the restoration. To find out all about photo restoration prices, let's look at all levels of restoration for old photos, from standard to advanced. In other words, only the restoration service can tell you exactly how much it will cost to restore your old photo.

Photos may be faded by sunlight, stained by water damage, damaged by fire, affected by environmental damage, digitally damaged or have suffered from subject disappearance. The price of photo restoration depends on the severity of the defects and on the hourly labor rates of the restoration workshop. Restoring damage through comprehensive, high-quality repair to recreate a realistic appearance requires taking a holistic approach. The restoration work is actually very artistic since the restorer has to manually redraw each damaged spot.

We even have historical advisors and in-house photographers to restore severely damaged photographs and bring them back to their former glory.

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