Is Water Restoration Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

Water mitigation is a process that must be done before any water damage restoration can take place. This process helps to stabilize the home and prevent any further damage from occurring.

Water damage restoration

is the process of repairing a home and returning it to its pre-damaged state. The water restoration industry is worth an estimated 210 billion dollars and is expected to grow as the climate changes and more aging homes are present.

Over the past five years, the industry has grown at a rate of 1.8% per year, which is higher than the growth rate of the manufacturing industry alone. Insurance companies will decide on a case-by-case basis if water damage is covered by an updated home insurance policy. The cost of repair will depend on the extent of the damage, with smaller damages such as a leaking window in one corner of a room being less expensive to repair than a finished basement flooded with one meter of water. It is important to act quickly when dealing with water damage, as every second you wait increases the chances of further damage occurring.

Consulting this cost guide now can help homeowners feel more prepared if they ever have to calculate their own cleaning costs for water damage. The best fire damage restoration companies know how to work concurrently with a water damage restoration company to minimize the cost and time they must spend on homeowners. Central Florida Restoration Solutions is available to help with any type of water damage your home may have suffered. If there is no obvious source of water, such as a spill, then it may indicate a leak or other serious problem with the water. Homeowners should consider these tips when financially managing their home after a flood or other water damage event.

The categories of water damage have an impact on what an insurance company may or may not cover in terms of water mitigation and restoration prices, along with the average restoration costs per square foot. When calculating the cost of water restoration by location, homeowners should keep in mind that the average cost per square foot also depends on the category, class, and type of damage. If there are obvious signs of serious water damage, such as a sunken roof or windows and doors that don't open or close properly, then it is likely that there is a serious problem with the water. Category 1 can quickly move to category 2 and so on, increasing the damage and therefore the price of the restoration. In addition to these common factors, there are a few other aspects that homeowners should consider when calculating the prices of restoring water damage. Class 1 damage involves only part of a room being damaged by water, so the damage is not widespread.

Many homeowners clean visible puddles and don't feel the need to call a professional water damage restoration company. However, this could lead to further problems down the line.

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