Can Water Damaged Photos Be Restored?

In some cases, water damaged photos can be restored. If the main subject of the image is still intact, it can be reconstructed, with the tone and color adjusted. Some photos may need to be heavily cropped to remove any water damage and create a new frame. Even if the photo has been damaged all over, it may still be possible to restore it.

The best way to restore water damaged photos is to consult a professional photo restoration service. Fortunately, many photographs that have been damaged by water can be repaired by our photo restoration services. We often receive photos with signs of mold or water stains, and people are pleasantly surprised to learn how much we can do to help. Even something as simple as spilling a soda on a pile of photos or storing them in a humid environment can cause water damage.

Whether your photo is broken, discolored, or has been affected by water, you can trust us to bring it back to its original glory. Each image has its own unique characteristics that have been damaged differently and will require different restoration techniques. The good news is that experienced professionals, such as Image Restoration Center, can restore photos damaged by water in just a few days. A professional scanning service has the right equipment and trained photo restoration technicians to bring back damaged photos. Contrary to popular belief, floods, leaks and spills are not the only types of water damage that photographs are vulnerable to.

When exposed to water, the film swells and the emulsion softens, making it susceptible to damage caused by dirt that may become embedded in the film. Not only does this damage the image, but it also causes the surface to become sticky, so that images damaged by water often stick together. Every photo and its damage are different and unfortunately some water damage is irreparable if manipulated incorrectly. The best way to keep images in excellent condition is to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place. It's important to store photographs in rooms with consistent temperatures and humidity levels, as this will reduce the risk of water and mold damage.

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