Is BELFOR Still in Business?

From water removal and mold prevention to debris cleaning, demolition and reconstruction, BELFOR teams provide much-needed services and assistance when your property has been damaged. If you need help, call 1-800-856-3333. BELFOR Belgium is expanding its range of services with the acquisition of two painting companies, Luc Hendrickx and Trendy Décor. Belfor Holdings Inc. is a privately owned company that has become the market leader in the United States for repairing fire, water, and storm damage in a two-year period.

BELFOR Property Restoration has grown through the acquisition of major disaster restoration providers in strategic geographical areas. All Haniel EnviroService companies that offer fire and water damage repair services now operate under the BELFOR umbrella brand. BELFOR Italia has also acquired Quadra, a Florence-based company that specializes in restoring damage after fires and floods as well as renovation. The Division has been renamed BELFOR International, whose main activity is the restoration of damage caused by fire and water.

BELFOR is still in business and continues to provide quality services to those who need it most.

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