What Certifications are Needed for Water Damage Restoration?

When it comes to water damage restoration, there is no specific license or certification required in New York, NY. However, if you are doing contractor activities or carrying out repairs for water restoration, it is important to check with the New York State Contractor Licensing Board. All employees working on restoration projects should receive some form of training. The scope of training is up to you, as water restoration technicians don't necessarily require business licenses.

It is also important to check local, state, and federal requirements before working on banking, government, and property management properties.

The Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) course is a 3-day (19-hour) basic training offered by the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification Institute (IICRC)

, which benefits specialists in commercial and residential remediation. This certification can help you stand out from your competitors and give potential customers more confidence in your services. The IICRC also offers the Applied Structural Drying (TEA) course, which focuses more on the drying process of structures and furniture damaged by unexpected water accidents.

Through this program, professionals will gain a better understanding of the effects of water damage and learn different ways to dry affected areas safely and effectively. If you are considering certifications for your water restoration team, it is important to know what types of certifications are available. You want to have the confidence that you are properly disposing of structural features and damaged furniture, as well as that you are restoring homes and other buildings as safely and efficiently as possible. While it may not be mandatory for your area or for the buildings you normally work in, there are several benefits to getting a water restoration certification that can benefit both your company and your customers.

The Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) certification demonstrates the knowledge needed to perform remediation work and an understanding of water damage, its effects and the techniques for drying structures. There are a variety of certifications offered by the IICRC for various types of technicians in the catering industry, from carpet cleaning to odor control. By getting certified and hiring other people who have water restoration certifications, you can build a positive and professional image for your water restoration company from the start.

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