How to Reverse Water Damage on Paper

Water damage can range from a document that has been soaked in water to one that has been splashed with it. To discover the best way to save your documents and reverse damage caused by the sun and water, we've put together a practical list of the most common paper restoration techniques. The first step is to spread the document on a flat surface protected with paper towels. Sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder between the pages to absorb moisture.

Let the powder work for several hours and then brush it off with a brush. You can perform the drying process yourself or call a professional photo curator if the water damage is more serious. Professional firms invest a lot of time and money in protecting their documents from damage caused by the sun and water. Once you have saved the documents and photos that are important to you, call a water damage restoration professional to repair damage caused by furniture and other structures in the house.

Scanning with white gloves lends itself to documents that may not pass through image processing equipment, and that includes documents that may have been damaged by the sun or water. If you think that rinsing them in a bucket could damage them, you can also place the paper on a flat surface and spray it gently with clean water. Since moisture and mold will start causing damage right away and will continue to do so until they are removed, it's also important to start the restoration as soon as possible. Recovering documents and photographs damaged by water is entirely possible, so don't be discouraged if you discover that water damage to your home has affected important documents and family photos.

Expert in emergency fire and water restoration services, fire and water damage cleaning, mold removal, and carpet and upholstery cleaning services can help you restore your documents.

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